Mind Reading Lesson 6 by Kenton Knepper

Mind Reading Lesson 6 by Kenton Knepper

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Remember: You need to have all the preceding lessons before studying this lesson. Each lesson is in order, as the Mind Reading Lessons make a complete course. You need to begin with the first lessons to make best use of later lessons.

This new lesson includes:

Our Secrets Of Writing Impressions Live

POLZ Kenton's brilliant effect revealed for the first time here. You show a very detailed written prediction that matches completely a person you have just met for the very first time, with NO previous information or pre-show whatsoever. This is NOT a one-size-fits-all reading, and you may repeat it with other people. The readings are not "always the same." This alone is worth the price of this Lesson for business and psychic performers.

The Four Symbol I-Mages allows you to write out visual impressions quickly and easily that simply must match whatever issues audience members have on their minds.

Draw The Truth now matter how artistic you are or are not, your simple or complex drawings of mental impressions are 100 percent sure to match members of the audience who stand up to be Mind Read. This principle will put you far ahead of most Mind Readers who do not use our methods.

Make absolute certain predictions in living color! Use a different color marker for each person's prediction to prove that what you write is correct for each person obvious one-ahead or switches of predictions for you!

Mind Patterns makes the old "drawing duplication" seem powerless. This you will begin doing immediately!

Allen Zingg's Opening Impressions allow you to begin writing impressions right away. The very moment you walk out to perform, you are performing. No boring mentalism speeches...just fast-paced action in your mentalism opening.

Rare and Unusual Book Tests by Kenton and the School that can't be explained away by "memorizing the books." Spectators are able to pick up on impressions in books and amaze themselves. You are able to describe real emotions not just words on a page. Written impressions randomly chosen by a participant are seen to be on their chosen page, and much, much more. These are the original works that others are still scrambling to duplicate.

Leonardo Silverio's "Date of Death" effect shows how playing card divination can reveal a person's date of birth and maybe even their date of...a mystery!


You already KNOW what these lessons are worth if you are ready for Lesson #6

This Lesson 6 is packed! We Know, you already think the Lessons are jammed full of useful and provocative material. They are, and this one is even more stuffed than those that have gone before it.

Nearly 90 pages of new principles, breakthrough methodologies, unusual presentations and original effects in this Lesson 6 alone.

Get this now, because you'll want to have a week with it before Lesson 7 comes...complete with MORE EFFECTS than any lesson before it.