Mind Reading Lesson 7 by Kenton Knepper

Mind Reading Lesson 7 by Kenton Knepper

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"MIND READING LESSON 7 I crowned this series the Best of 2009 because of its variety of material that can apply to a variety of mentalists at all levels, and because it's priced as an incredible value. Only . The next lesson in the series is available. What I really like about this is that this series is not solely for the beginner.

The Lesson 7 contains 85 pages packed with lots of strong ideas and quite a lot of effects. Subjects and effects include Tarot Intuition, Ultra Mental Archetypes, TarotFried, White Envelope Test, Shredder, Stand Up Z, Symbols of Alchemy, How Kenton Teaches Us To Study Symbolism, Allen Zingg's Double Take, Kenton's Z Point Turnover, “Tag, You're It” Book Page Prediction, TechKnowlogy, LO-TECH Kenton's Secret Information Gathering, The SSV Device, Allen Zingg's Blindsight, Capping It Off, Triple Intuition?, Leonardo's First Impressions, Fraser's Mind Reading Explained, and Crazy Hezi's Kosher Test.

I will warn you that you should purchase the first six lessons before you get this one as each lesson builds on ideas from the previous ones. This is why I won't officially review these more. After the first few lessons, you should be hooked and you'll buy this without needing to know what I think. And if you haven't bought the series yet, as I said, start with the first one." -Jheff

You've come this far, so we hardly need to tell you why you need this Lesson. We Know you're ready for it and we figured you might like to see a little of what you will learn in this Lesson.

This Lesson is packed with effects! Referred to as The Devious Devices Lesson you will learn more effects in this Lesson than in any other to date. Here is just some of what you will be getting in this over eighty pages of material.

Tarot Intuition
A classic stunner that has impressed the most elite mentalists and audiences around the globe.

A Kenton classic of Weerd Magic, Tarot, sneaky suggestion and Mind Reading. Some have called this "a trademark of Kenton's thinking."

Stand Up Z
A peek that is SO fair it flies by informed performers, while making any need for memorization or quick peeks obsolete. (But feel free to use your old peeks too, if you wish!)

Perfect Match
The Mind Reader makes a prediction and a spectator writes anything at all that is of importance to them. The prediction matches perfectly, without sleight of hand. This may be repeated, with additional handling by Allen Zingg based on Kenton's original methodology.

Tag, You're It
This makes forcing a page, word or sentence in a book as incredibly easy as it is overwhelmingly open and fair. Boldly devious is an understatement.

Kenton's SSV Device
Revealed to performers at last the secret device Kenton has used himself and with well known clients to implant thoughts into a spectator's mind and make the spectator a Mind Reader in real time. This spawned many deviations that sold for thousands, but this device you probably have right in your own home or pocket.

Allen Zingg's Remote Viewing
The blindfolded Mind Reader not only tells a TV crew about the remote area he is taken to, but finds a hidden object and has predicted the entire situation in advance. Originally designed for a well known television performer, revealed for the first time here for all to use.

Capping It Off
Three bottle caps are chosen in any order (really!) the spectator wishes. Yet the writing inside each cap seemingly predicts just what the spectator will do! First taught in part in the School's book "Risk Assessment" Kenton reveals the rest of the story so this may now be performed as real mental influence and with absolutely no switches or sleight of hand at all.

Fraser's Mind Reading Explained and Leonardo's First Impressions
Using different methods, these two renown Students explain how a spectator thinks of something and the Mind Reader can accurately write down words or objects the spectator has in mind. These methods are unlike anything you have read previously. The secrets here are of the typical ingenious thinking style of these two amazing Students. You will be impressed, and likely use one or both of these methods right away.

Kenton Teaches How To Study Symbolism, and Amado discusses Deeper Meanings of ESP Symbols

Kenton and Students Reveal Low and High Tech Live Information Gathering


You Know by now the incredible nature of these Lessons. This Lesson continues the tradition and celebrates all you have learned so far with a Lesson crammed full of new effects and methods as only the S.E.C.R.E.T. School could deliver.

We highly suggest you also get Kenton's book "The Secret" as The Secret is alluded to in this Lesson and in Lesson 8. While it is not required for you to have The Secret by Kenton to use the material in this Lesson, you will likely want it after reading this Lesson. We currently have a package deal with this Lesson and The Secret combined as this is something you will want to use with this Lesson and the next.

NO ONE beats our Lessons for the sheer volume of information, practical methodology, extreme creativity, pushing the boundaries of what can be done, and how, or our ridiculously low prices and package combinations.

We're not about to stop now - as long as you continue to support us so we can keep giving you our very best, at the very best prices ever.

Lesson 7 is all of this - and more.