Mind Reading Lesson 12 by Kenton Knepper

Mind Reading Lesson 12 by Kenton Knepper

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"You will find more about my perspective of Mind Reading, dealing with spectators, and life in this Lesson than any other to date. This Lesson contains vital facets of my personal expression and philosophy. Anyone who wants the inner secrets will find many of them here at last." - Kenton Knepper

It is difficult to describe what is in this Lesson as so many powerful and unusual concepts are contained within it.

Here is a sampling of a few of the effects and inside work:

A Mystic Name Reading
A little known system combining secret ancient teachings and Kenton sensibilities. This is unlike any bit of mentalism name reading you have ever read before.

List Of Nine
Learn nine simple things to listen for in someone's voice that tells you all you need to Know.

Kenton's Kolor Kap Kombo
Many different colored pens are offered and a couple are secretly selected. The performer instantly Knows the colors used in a direct and clean manner. No electronics to go wrong. Do this right away.

Luca Volpe and Kenton's Color Reading System
A simple way to do a past, present and future reading without memorizing lines or knowing anything else about the person. Luca Volpe is quickly becoming another one of Kenton's well known and influential Students. Find out why.

Your Color Attraction
A novel presentation that you may well apply to many other demonstrations. A selected color is found to be the correct one in a surprising and energetic manner.

Kenton's Kompass Secrets
No magnets, no gimmicks, no nada but a performer and a legitimate compass. The performer concentrates and makes the compass move with the energy between his hands. No loops, no hidden magnets. Can be performed with a bending routine too, and under test conditions. This is very close to the real thing. Don't expect the same old trick stuff here.

Pablo Amira's Envelope Pendulum
An envelope used as a pendulum on a string not only moves in the spectator's hands but is found to contain the initials of someone they have in mind while holding the pendulum!

John Charles Robinson's Kings and Queens
An interesting bit of synchronicity, perhaps even fate, makes itself known to a couple, complete with a surefire card reading. You simply cannot fail with this reading.

I.D.S. by Pablo Amira
A direct and open way to read minds, draw out what a spectator has in mind, and many other real world possibilities. It is impromptu Mind Reading with absolute success.

Plus much more, such as Fraser's Think Of A Card, Leonardo's Erasable Thoughts, Crazi Hezi's Astrogram, Secret Mind Reading Language Structures including effects and material from Kenton's shows, and Wonder Words not even found in Wonder Words!

We're still missing out on telling you the most important parts...But that is for those who are privy to reading these invaluable Lessons.

There is a reason Kenton and his Students are far ahead of the field, and continue to advance everything that is done in mentalism today. They think in ways others dare not, and teach what others cannot.

If you thought the last Lesson taught you things you had never considered before, just wait until you read this one. You will never look at Mind Reading, or people, the same ever again.