Mind Reading Lesson 10 by Kenton Knepper

Mind Reading Lesson 10 by Kenton Knepper

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MIND READING LESSON #10, has just been released and there's some deliciously good stuff in it. Because you get separate graphics for it, the "Where's Waldo?" effect caught my attention first. With it, two participants are chosen to look for Waldo. Each has a copy of a puzzle. One uses eyesight; one is instructed to use intuition. The intuitive participant is shown to find it first.

The methodology uses principles discussed in MRL #9, which is why I must remind everyone that it is not a good idea to purchase these lessons out of sequence. I'll also remind you that I feel that these are a great investment and that you should get them, skim through them, and then go back over the concepts and ideas you want to study. Then re-read them again. There's that much stuff in these to study.

Anyhow, besides the "Where's Waldo" effect, other topics include some great palm reading info, tips on listening, Kenton's Tin Box predictions, charcoal scrying, Kenton's "Check This Out," Zachary Paige's Ahead of the Magic Eight Ball, Buddha Board Fading Art Readings, and much more.

And at only a lesson it's a steal. Really. - Jheff

This is the "Lesson of 100 Pictures" as there are more photo illustrations and less text. While this makes the Lesson longer to download (be patient!) it also make learning the work in this Lesson much quicker.

It's a breeze to read this Lesson!

Make no mistake, though...the material is as powerful, practical and groundbreaking as ever.

Here is a bit of what you'll find in this Lesson 10:

Kenton's Tin Box Predictions
Two of Kenton's pet ways of making predictions sealed inside a metal box are revealed in detail for the first time in this Lesson. Kenton has hinted at these before but never taught the real work until this Lesson.

A prediction is sealed inside a metal box (it can even be pocket sized). The box may have various forms of tape and signatures over the box and it can be shown freely. Still the prediction inside is always correct. This can be used IN REAL TIME so a sealed prediction can be made to predict something a person chooses live, in the moment.

These predictions may be used close-up, stand up, on television, in living rooms, and even on stage.

Candle Meditations
The Mind Reader teaches how people can relax themselves using candles. An impromptu student (spectator) is told to look into a candle and try to envision what others in the audience have secretly chosen. At first the student names little, but slowly this spectator-student names more and more, until completely identifying the coin, number, shape or what have you that was chosen by the audience.

This is incredibly easy to perform, and everyone, including the "student" will be impressed.

Troy Swezey and Kenton's Wick-ed
A person names a playing card, shape, or whatever works for you. A tea candle is burned and set aside to "set the mood" as the person concentrates on this shape or card. Nothing happens.

The Mind Reader removes the wick from the candle. Underneath the candle, ENGRAVED IN THE METAL TIN OF THE CANDLE is the freely named item. This is similar to "Koran's Medallion" BUT there is no linguistic deception here. The named item really is etched into the metal, seen under the wick and through the hot wax, on the bottom of the tin!

This is performed in REAL TIME and is not pre-show or setup with any spectator.

Zachary Paige's Ahead Of The Eight Ball
Can a standard toy "Magic Eight Ball" really be used to read minds? Apparently the answer is "It Is Decidedly So".

A Magic Eight Ball correctly answers questions to discern a playing card or ESP symbol, a word or anything else you might like. People can CONFIRM the answers they see in the Eight Ball as being correct. The Magic Eight Ball appears to answer each question properly, and others may verify this fact. C'mon, how cool is that?

NO tricky Eight Ball. No messy disassembly or anything else. Grab a Magic Eight Ball off a toy or novelty shelf and do this routine! (See our MR PROPS section to order these and other items relating to these Lessons)

Luca Volpe's E.S.C.
An amazing Spectator As Mind Reader effect. Five men hold five different ESP cards. NO ONE knows who has what card. The performer gives the spectator a card sealed inside an envelope and tells her to look each man in the eye. She does this several times and then stops in front of one man. That man is the one who holds her matching symbol!

Featured and created by famed performer Luca Volpe, this uses a principle Kenton now replies upon in any impromptu mentalism situation. That should tell you something.

Leonardo Silverio's P.I.P.
An amazing sealed prediction done on a business or file card, used in real time Mind Reading. This is also a very sneaky method of secretly obtaining information while it is SEALED in a tightly folded and clipped tight business card.

There's just too much to say about this one...Just wait to you read how Kenton uses it as a prediction! It is also perhaps the most secure looking impromptu peek device you have ever read.

In this Lesson is also a special Leonardo Section, because there are several important works by Leonardo taught at last in this Lesson.

Fraser's Berglas Effect
The name says it all, almost. A mental and psychological presentation of "Any Card At Any Number" - BUT WAIT! There is no sleight of hand, no gimmicks, no trick cards, and the spectators swear they all had entirely free choices (they do.)

This isn't just about the trick...the PRINCIPLE is the thing here. This is devious and once you learn how Fraser manages this miracle with ease, you will realize the secret may be applied in a multitude of ways to mentalism.

Rebecca Harris' Wonder Waldo Intuition Versus Analytic Mind

Two "Where's Wally" type cartoons are shown to two spectators. One spectator chooses a picture and is told to use their logic to find the hidden man. The other spectator uses their intuition to find the man in their picture. Guess who wins?

IMPORTANT! You will need to have read Mind Reading Lesson 9 before being able to do this effect. It is a combination of what is in Lesson 9 and Lesson 10 that makes this very commercial effect possible.

PLUS: You also receive the TWO special JPG cartoons ala "Where's Wally" for the amazing intuitive versus analytical mentalism effect in this Lesson. We supply you with the art you need to do this effect!


Fortunately, because there are 100 pictures in this Lesson, you will learn all of this and more easily and quickly.

There is a reason this series has been called "The Best Mentalism Product" by outside reviewers. No one can beat our material and pricing. This work is already being considered an important part of Kenton's Legacy. If you have been reading these from the start, you Know why this is true. If not, isn't it about time you found out?

NOTE: We always suggest you read these Mind Reading Lessons in order, from the start. This Lesson has elements based upon Lesson 9 and other Lessons.

PDF Download and two special JPG files all for the cost of what most people sell you for one mediocre trick.