Tick Tarot 1 by Kenton Knepper

Tick Tarot 1 by Kenton Knepper

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Kenton Knepper – Tick Tarot



It took Kenton decades…it will take you mere minutes.

Do Tarot readings virtually overnight, and without memory required.

As many of you know, Kenton has been a serious student of secret symbolism and Tarot for decades. He refused to release anything on Tarot readings until he could pass along a system worthy of the real hidden meanings and programming in Tarot.

Finally, Kenton's work on REAL Tarot readings is here.

Rather than learn Tarot meanings from mentalists and internet "experts" you will learn how to do readings with Tarot that the most scholarly audience member must appreciate.

How difficult is it to learn? That's the best part for many performers!

As hard as it is to believe, Kenton has boiled down the most important meanings for every card in the Tarot deck and incorporated it into a mentalist's "tick sheet".

Yes, that blew our minds too.

You are supplied in PDF format a beautiful full color three fold panel brochure. The outside catches the attention of potential customers and audience members in a shop, studio or in a party situation.

Inside the brochure are little places to mark off depending on what cards a participant takes in a reading. It doesn't matter if the participant takes Major or Minor Arcana cards, as all the cards and proper meanings are associated inside the brochure. You simply tick off what the spectator chooses and read the key words from the brochure!

Just like that, you are doing a better Tarot reading than most mentalists or readers out there today.

There's a lot more to this too…

Kenton's training in symbolism and Tarot over the decades has allowed him to add what no other Tarot performer could. In this system you will learn how to use Tarot to reprogram the participant on the subconscious level and help them achieve their desires, new habits and goals. This is not some made up quack theory by mentalists. Everything taught by Kenton has been used by him and his countless teachers over decades, even centuries, of work with Tarot and related symbols.

The good news is that you don't have to memorize any of this knowledge. It's built right into the tick sheet and all you do is mark on the tick sheet which cards are chosen. Then you can instantly do the reading based upon what you read inside the tick sheet.

There is a separate sheet that lists all the reprogramming aspects and cards too, so you don't need to memorize those either. Everything is right in front of you as you need it.

Oh, and this works with playing cards as well. Not the same old mentalist associations to playing cards that are made up by other mentalists mind you, but the true deeper meanings only the most serious students of symbolism know. Now you will too.

If you wish to think, learn or remember a little bit, Kenton also supplies you with the inner secrets of planets and zodiac signs associated with the Major Arcana, deeper secret meanings of the Major Keys, which cards are specifically related to chakras according to ancient and hidden teachings, secret visual word associations that fit with the Major Keys and much more.

You will even be given sample readings and various common spread layouts for Tarot so you have everything you need to begin doing accurate and educated Tarot readings right away.

WE REPEAT. This is not the same old Tarot reading material as usually taught by mentalists and magicians who make up meanings, learn and teach each other based upon deception, or guess at card associations from things they learned in surface books or the internet. This is NOT one of the plethora of "made up systems" by yet another mentalist or magician for Tarot. This system is built by Kenton in accordance with the deepest insights and knowledge that Tarot offers based upon decades of intense studies by Kenton that continue to this day.

Lucky for you, Kenton has made all of this very simple and easy to perform, so you can literally begin doing your first reading right away.

Whether you are an expert in Tarot or are just beginning, when you use Kenton's system you will be more accurate and educated than most other mentalists and readers who have spent years learning from less educated teachers.

You get the full color three fold panel tick sheet brochure as a PDF file to print out as much as you wish, add in your contact information, and go right to work reading today. You also get over 30 pages of instruction and insight on Tarot and Kenton's system by Kenton himself. As if all this were not enough, you also get the black and white regular paper sheet versions of the brochure for black and white printing on standard paper, and the reprogramming sheet to print out or handout as you see fit.

Get decades of intense experience working for you literally overnight in your readings with TICK TAROT.


It took Kenton decades to do this…and now it is here. He couldn't have made it any easier.. Kenton insisted on a low price because he wants mentalists to be doing readings properly and with respect. You win again as a result of Kenton's insistence for better arcane mentalism. Get this now before he snaps out of his reprogrammed state of mind.