Kenton Knepper - It's Suggestion PDF

Kenton Knepper - It's Suggestion PDF

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Kenton Knepper - It's Suggestion

The Blurb

“What do metal bending, card influence, diamond productions, the Acid Test for mentalism, and symbolism in stage directions have in common? THIS.”
- Kenton Knepper

“SOOOO underpriced! Gold is much higher elsewhere.”
- Trent Rentsch

“Kenton Knepper’s It’s Suggestion is one of the best works he has ever produced. He forces the reader to look beyond meaningless performances and makes us look at the importance of suggestion in our work as mentalists. I have produced a few works with Kenton over the years and I am proud of those collaborations. Even so, I consider myself his student and when a work like this comes along it changes the way I approach my work.”
- Richard Tenace

Kenton calls this one of his most important works to date.

Do we really need to say anything more?

Kenton teaches that suggestion isn’t just a term for NLP, hypnosis or any of the usual perceptions made popular by others today.

Kenton’s original teaching about suggestion will open your eyes, mind, perceptions, tricks and performances to entirely new levels of power and influence.

Important: This is NOT “hypnosis” NOT “NLP” NOT most of the usual stuff thrown to mentalists and magicians today. This is an approach to suggestion as only the Master can teach it. And if we are all very lucky, this is just the beginning of a series.

In this important work you will learn:

* Suggestion As Mindset, Environment and Personal Atmosphere

* Suggestion As Character

* Props As Suggestion

* Stage Areas and Movement As Secret Suggestions and Meaning

Plus Effects As Diverse As They Are Ingenious:

* A Gem Of A Suggestion in which Kenton explains and completely exposes how making giant diamonds or gems appear with sleight of hand is mostly by SUGGESTION not physical work.

* Force of Suggestion:

A card prediction that rivals Kenton’s own “Suggestion Prediction Deck” but with entirely different working and handling.

A deck is fairly shuffled faces out in an overhand shuffle. This is a real shuffle, and you may shuffle many times. If you are so inclined, you may fan the cards casually too.

A participant or the performer deals cards fairly onto a table, and legitimately stops wherever they wish. The cards immediately before, after, and at random spots throughout the dealt cards and deck are shown to all be entirely different from this chosen card. The cards may again be shuffled openly, faces outward, and fanned.

In this most incredibly fair manner, the participant opens the prediction that has been in full view from the start. The performer has influenced the participant to stop on the very card predicted.


* The Acid Test

Kenton’s second-to-last closing effect that he has done since his earliest years in mentalism, now finally exposed and explained in detail.

The mentalist predicts ahead of time which vial of five or more contains acid, and which others contain water. If the mentalist is wrong, the mentalist dies. Talk about being sure of yourself.

Naturally the performer is always correct. The working is mostly strong suggestion, and a couple of very simple secrets that have been making this powerful routine a highly emotional one for decades.

You WILL be able to do this, and do this safely, without special other chemicals, or anything other than materials you can get at any science or medical supply,, or what you have around your home.

* Bent Thought

Kenton has never revealed the full secret to this bit of metal bending from Kenton’s decades of bending work until now. With the exceptions a two students who have permission to perform Kenton’s full stage bending act, no one else have been taught the real work here on this bit of close-up impossible-to-bend silverware bit until now.

There is more suggestion than anyone ever imagined to this…and soon you will find out just how true that is.

All of this is just a taste of what is contained in this remarkable work. You will learn a mix of mentalism and magic, but what is most important is what you will learn about the real power and secrets of suggestion.

This is the first part of a likely series to be released by Kenton over the years. You will want to get this now at this introductory price while you can.

If you have been waiting for the next big push in mentalism and magic, here it is.

Join Kenton in learning the real inner secrets of suggestion, the very things no one else would think to teach, or dare to teach.

70 pages of insights that will blow your mind, change your thinking, challenge what you do, and teach you how to use your tools as secret powers, when you didn’t even know you had them.

In an instantly available PDF eBook, zipped for quick download.

We HIGHLY SUGGEST you get this now. You will soon see why for yourself. Be prepared for everything to change in magic and mentalism again.

Jheff's Guide


E-Book, 73 pages

Accurate or nearly accurate and complete.

Though suggestion is an important part of NLP, this is NOT the type of suggestion that this work is largely about.

In this important work, which will hopefully will not be overlooked, Kenton explores the concept that everything we do and say during a performance gives suggestions to the audience. Highly recommended for all mentalists.