Kenton Knepper - Anti-Tada

Kenton Knepper - Anti-Tada

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Kenton Knepper - Anti-Tada


It's a philosophy, it's a new approach, it's unlike most mentalism and magic, and you'll be glad that it is!

"Is Anti-Tada the very *best* thing you've released to date?! That's my initial reaction. I've not yet finished the book -- I'm reading slowly and taking time to contemplate along the way - - But I had to jump in and share my amazement and respect for what you're doing...I'll probably have more raves along the way, but for now please consider my jaw dropped."- E.S., Washington

"Anti-tada is life changing. To me it's about life, love and connection with your fellow human beings. Game changer. Eye opener."Jesse James McGuire

You know the usual "ta-da!" type performers that make people crazy? Why be one of those people?

ANTI-TADA helps you make whatever you do more realistic.

More than a mere trickster, you will appear to be doing actual mentalism and magic while connecting with your audience and participants in a deep and meaningful way.

Of course, there are plenty of effects in this 80 page marvel.

Much of the material happens in the participant's hands or minds, making what you do seem entirely hands off and impossible.

Effects Include:

* A Real Symbolic Changewhere you prove you can feel the positive energy of someone in a coin, and help them change the energy, themselves and the coins in their hands.

* Anti-Dauba new concept allowing you to KNOW when someone has put their energy into a stone, coin, business card or table full of items. No peeks, shiners, secret helpers, heat, or the usual. An entirely one-person effect with loads of applications.

* Know SmokingYou get someone who wants to stop smoking in your audience to instantly refuse to smoke and takes home a souvenir of their changed perception. Sure it's a trick, but an impressive one. Yes, it may even really work as well!

* The Allet-cat's Eyein which a stone or marble takes on the energy and color a participant envisions. A great keepsake of a memorable experience.

* Lost and Founda hit by Mark Townsend and Kenton Knepper at Finney's Dry Heat Classic 2012. A signed card Triumph that happens all without the performer touching the deck. Yes,the cards fix themselves visually in the person's hands as they shuffle!

* The LOVE Effectthat makes any standard four of a kind trick into a romantic or universal experience.

* Tésera-emotions by Pablo Amiráin which participants find they are drawn outwardly to the emotions they have in mind. A memorable effect and indirect message.

* The â