Jerome Finley - Art of the 90 Second Reading (PDF + MP3)

Jerome Finley - Art of the 90 Second Reading (PDF + MP3)

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Jerome Finley - Art of the 90 Second Reading

I’m thrilled beyond measure to be sharing my “Art of the 90 Second Reading” system with my professional peers and comrades, my formal mentalism & hypnosis students as well as with the global psychic entertainment community at large.

This package is a definite game changer and the information, system, methods, techniques, approaches, individual readings, pre-written scripts, psychological subtleties and verbal nuances, pro tips, expert advice and working experience developed over decades of active work and full time practice in the field is sure to become one of your most important, valued and cherished investments ever.

For those of you that have already purchased my system at the introductory price and are waiting for the ebook and audio combo pack to arrive in your email, I’ll be arriving home later this evening to send out the remaining orders I couldn't get to while on the road and thanks so much for your continued support, patience and understanding throughout the holiday chaos, hustle and bustle!

For everyone else who still wishes to shave years off of their learning curve, make bigger, deeper, longer lasting first impressions with the people you meet, work and interact with everywhere you go, generate an even greater income for yourself, higher paying bookings and dependable repeat business, become more effective as a performance artist, world class entertainer, professional psychic reader, master hypnotist and purveyor of all things mysterious through the art, science, real world practice and direct application of psychological cold reading…order now!