Jerome Finley - Minimalist Mind Reading PDF

Jerome Finley - Minimalist Mind Reading PDF

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Jerome Finley - Minimalist Mind Reading

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"MMR" is off the charts strong as far as raw material goes and it's going to become
a new personal favorite for all of those working professionals, serious students and
passionate beginners who love, follow and employ my work, thinking and
approaches up to this point.
For those of you just now entering the fold, you're in for a real treat!
Minimalist Mind Reading is very ???Battleship!???, "Energetic Touches" and
"Telepathy in Action" heavy and gives buyers all new takes, approaches and
advanced applications for use with these tools.
With "Minimalist Mind Reading" (MMR) we get into several of the more
instantaneous and natural ways to induce a person via their breath, heart beat,
syncing pendulums, eye gazing, using psychic readings, heart-to-heart
communication and open sharing as their own hypnotic and meditative inductions
by applying tools such as palmisty, psychometry, muscle testing for energy work
and pendulum dowsing (b/c handling a personal item is the next best thing when it
comes to breaching the touch-barrier, creating rapport and deepening
intimacy...something we continue to explore in great detail with this new book.
In "MMR" we look deeply at various ways to work propless, 'naked' and
impromptu and still do EVERYTHING any gaffed to the hilt mind reader
could...including impromptu mass book test demonstrations and how to
immediately turn ANY stack of books into the "Mother/MOAB" instantly,
impromptu TOD demonstrations, impromptu Q&A approaches, new ways of
facilitating the direct experience of ESP, pure telepathy, mind-to-mind & heart-to-
heart communication, ways of instantly programming a person and forcing
emotional states and energies as you wish and see fit...PK and metal bending with
keys and coins...what life is like as a working professional with all borrowed
everyday items...and much, much more.