Jerome Finley - The Professional's Choice III (Bonus Supplement 1)

Jerome Finley - The Professional's Choice III (Bonus Supplement 1)

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As 2010 comes to an end, I trust that my beloved & heartfelt PC Trilogy will

remain one of the many highlights of your year; an offering that you will

remember and hold close in both mind and heart as you employ the material and

utilize these varied techniques, routines, methods and insights in your public work

and private performances.


Out of sheer curiosity, I wonder how many of you were able to work through PC

III and actually took the time and energy necessary to complete the exercises

found there?


Over this last month I?ve received several emails from people who completed the

exercises and gained immense value from them. I was overjoyed to see the

principles and goal setting mechanisms contained therein being applied with such

passion, vigor and enthusiasm before the New Year ??C an optimal time for these

things if ever there was one.


While I was half-expecting a few of my buyers to be utterly confused, completely

disappointed or totally annoyed, I knew the vast majority of you would

immediately recognize the value in these practices and how far they can take one

in pursuit of their dreams and visions for themselves & others, their families and

especially their career with regards to mentalism and psychic entertainment (not to

mention anything and everything else in life that?s worth doing, dreaming in and

chasing headstrong across the world!).


PC III (Part I) was a grand experiment in eliciting the ???bottom line???, core values,

belief systems and criteria of my buyers, students, peers, comrades and colleagues.

The results were surprising and while I was terribly excited by the progress made

and subsequent outpouring of positive growth and personal breakthroughs

experienced by some of you and made possible through the recommended

exercises and the focus they can provide one, I was simultaneously disappointed in

the lack of energy, attention, intention and failed understanding uncovered and

shown very clearly by some others.


Last but not least, I was saddened to know there are still those making their way

through this incredible journey and experience brought forth and spurred on by the

PC Trilogy who were/are looking for nothing more than more ???tricks???, methods

and routines to play with and occupy their minds, time and attention.

While this is fine on some level and everything we do or become interested in

certainly does have a time and a place, it IS very disappointing on many levels and

goes to show one how flippantly & unconsciously we still treat this stuff,

ourselves, our lives, careers and audiences at times. Collectively, it seems that

bettering ourselves isn?t what ???we??? want.


Before we get into more of my thoughts, the requisite ???tricks??? and insights offered

in this first bonus supplement, I ask for those of you who did NOT do the exercises

laid out in PC III to please go back and complete them at this time. I wouldn?t ask

my buyers to do something that wasn?t ultimately positive, conducive to their

growth and evolution and which could provide them with invaluable assistance and

insights during the process of manifesting their dreams and creating a more

effective and powerful reality and life-experience for themselves and those closest

to them.


Just as well, I would also ask those of you who DID complete the goal setting

exercises and criteria establishing modules in PC III to go back to the beginning

and begin doing the work at least once again??at least!


The program contained in the final installment is never-ending in its application,

and therein lays its incredible value. The more time, energy and attention one

spends soul searching and ruminating over what makes them tick inside, who they

are, where they?re going, what they want in life and what must happen for them to

accomplish their goals, the more successful one shall become in creating definite

ways to attain that which is desired.


Success is a science and like other sciences, the process is exact and yields

undeniable results once put into action and practice.