The Penumbra Issue Nine - Bill Goodwin

The Penumbra Issue Nine - Bill Goodwin

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The Penumbra Issue Nine - Bill Goodwin

Muy Bueno Shuffle
BJ Bueno
An extremely deceptive tabled false shuffle.

Simulated Slip Cut

Allan Ackerman

This tabled slip cut will convince your onlookers that the deck has been thoroughly mixed. A perfect lead-in for the Muy Bueno Shuffle.

Covered, Up!

J.K. Hartman

A selected card appears face up on top of the deck under impossible conditions.
Bertram, Braue and Ben

David Ben

Demonstrate your ability to cheat at Texas Hold'em.
The Maddox Stack
Michael Maddox
A completely sleight-free demonstration for dealing any poker hand the spectator calls for.