The Penumbra Issue Eleven - Bill Goodwin

The Penumbra Issue Eleven - Bill Goodwin

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Color Shuffles (Part Two)
Ronald Wohl
The second installment (continued fromIssue Ten) of Ron Wohl's fascinating treatise including twelve applications.

A Spectator Named Kennedy

Michael Weber

An impromptu poker-themed effect where the spectator deals himself cards from the center of the deck. Regardless of his prowess, the magician receives the winning hand.

'N Synch

Raj Madhok

Gregory Wilson

The magician accurately reads the mind of a spectator who is miles away.
Tell A Phony Too

Raj Madhok

A handling of Eddie Fields'Tell A Phony which allows you to get set for 'N Synch.
'N Synch 2

Raj Madhok

Raj's second handling of 'N Synch.
The Open Ditch

Bill Kalush

Bill Kalush's take on the Open Prediction plot.
The Two-Ton Prophet

Gordon Bean

The magician announces the location of a card before its identity is revealed. Inspired by Stewart James' The Prophet's Choice.