Docc Hilford - The Bachelor Pad

Docc Hilford - The Bachelor Pad

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Docc Hilford - The Bachelor Pad

The perfect little impression pad. Apparently just a Post-It note pad and a pencil, what a person would actually use to make a note, and it takes an impression like a bunny to a penthouse.

And what do we call this little baby? Well, it belongs to the BOUDOIR family of easy to use, simple and killer effects. And what would a man’s boudoir be called? Yes, you guess it…


This PDF is 31 full pages with over two dozen photographs of the pad’s construction. You make it yourself, with a couple of dollars worth of materials.

I’m excited about this pad. I’m using it every night and man does it deliver.

It’s super sensitive, so all light writing shows up clearly.

There’s virtually no dead spots on the pad.

It’s innocent and common.

It’s examinable.

It’s simple.

It’s easy to use.

It’s designed for REAL use in REAL performances.

It’s NOT a “watch-me-and-I’ll-still-get-the-information” type impression device.

But it IS super practical!

The PDF is great but that is just the beginning. Next you have the fullBachelor Pad Doccinar. The Doccinar covers in depth everything you need to know about theBachelor Padplus strategies and techniques for every manor of pre-show in all sorts of conditions.

But we don’t stop there. Next you get the follow up Cellinar. Get in early and attend live. Your questions answered live. Questions you didn’t know you had will be answered. The collective wisdom will be a major boost for you. Can’t make the teleconference live? We will record it and make it available to you.

Here is what you get:

Bachelor PadeBook ($29 Value)

Bachelor Pad Doccinar($39)

Bachelor Pad Follow-up Call($19)

That is a total value of over $87. But your price for the full package is only $49.

Get your package now.

You’ll love it!