Alias By Docc Hilford (PDF + Videos + Audio-files)

Alias By Docc Hilford (PDF + Videos + Audio-files)

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Alias is an amazingly tight, complete billet act.
We’ve studied the classics of mentalism and their individual effects,
and combined them into an easy to follow billet act.
The three of the best mentalism effects in history are:
    Pseudo Psychometry
    Living & Dead Test
    Question & Answer Act
Using six papers and a hat covered by a silk handkerchief, ALIAS combines all three!
Six billets are made by an audience member.
He marks one billet with an X.
All six are dropped into a hat and mixed up by stirring and shaking.
Six participants take a billet from the hat.
They’re instructed to think of a question they want answered.
Everyone writes their name on the paper and re-folds it.
The participant with the X billet doesn’t write his name.
He writes his nickname.
He is the ONLY person who knows he is the Alias.
The billets are collected in the hat while covered with a silk handkerchief.
The covered hat filled with all six folded billets is set on a table.
The mentalist is blindfolded with the silk handkerchief.
The helper selects a folded paper at random and hands it to the mentalist.
Without EVER unfolding the paper…
He describes the physical appearance of the person who wrote on the name.
He announces the writer is NOT the Alias.
He hands the folded paper back to a participant.
He answers the participant’s unwritten question.
The billet is opened and it belongs to the participant.
The whole routine is repeated until only one billet remains.
The final, untouched billet belongs to the Alias.
The mentalist…
    Gives the participant a detailed reading,
    He answers his unwritten question and
    Reveals the NICKNAME!
At the mentalist’s command, the folded billet JUMPS out from the hat toward the Alias!
A surprising ending to a remarkable act.
The method is unlike anything tried before.
Although the mentalist appears to not handle the billets, they are under his complete control.
This is the act that you can do anywhere.
This is perfect for parlor, living room, stage or banquet.
This routine is a game changer!
The billet ballet is shockingly simple once you watch how it’s executed.
But completely invisible when performed.
Once you learn this, you’ll never be without it.
    The 2 hour show and explanation video…
    The 75 minute Master Class video…
    A 60 minute audio…
    A 2nd 60 minute audio… (to be added by May 31st)
    A Quick Start PDF…
    And the ALIAS Follow-Up Call recorded LIVE…
This is NOT a Plug-in and Play trick.
Although not difficult, you MUST learn the complete routine.