Docc Hilford - It is Even Weerder Close Up (Video Download)

Docc Hilford - It is Even Weerder Close Up (Video Download)

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It is Even Weerder Close Up by Docc Hilford

It's Even Weerder Close-Up! In character as a Seeker of the Weerd and Investigator of the Bizarre, Docc Hilford performs some of his great close-up bizarre effects, and then gives you personal instructions. You' will see how an audience reacts to the odd artifacts and wonderful stories that are Docc's trademark style, as is the strange spelling of weird. With Docc's explanations, you will be able to use these great effects to your own style . Most important, you will see how Docc uses personality and expert misdirection to sell the most intriguing stories ever used in magick. This is real living room entertainment. If you are looking for easy-to-do, absolutely entertaining close-up magic, this is the video you want.