Close Up Ring and Rope Routine by Willi Wessel (Original DVD Download, ISO file)

Close Up Ring and Rope Routine by Willi Wessel (Original DVD Download, ISO file)

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Super rope and ring processes Willi Wessel - Close Up Ring and Rope Routine

DVD Download now (Original VOB format videos, the best quality)

Instructional DVD ONLY. booklet NOT included!


Called the best rope and ring of magic process , each person seeing the performance of only two words can describe : impossible , incredible. Multi-stage close- rope and ring crossing , from the process . Worth learning.

How can we convince you that this is the best Ring and Rope Routine ever created We can not You must see it performed Everyone who has witnessed it has only two words on their lips:?.. " Impossible. Amazing! "This is Willi Wessel's Close-Up Ring and Rope Routine

What you get is a full routine with seven different effects cleverly woven into each other! The full routine lasts 3-5 minutes!

In each effect the ring seems to melt through the rope. Every move is well thought out to create the maximum effect.

The full routine is described in a 12 page booklet with 57 crystal-clear illustrations. Since a routine of this kind is so special, it even includes a special Video ! That way, you can not go wrong!

Joachim Solberg is your personal instructor. He is one of Europe's outstanding close-up performers. He has per-formed this routine for years and will teach you how to do it. You receive one specially-made chrome plated steel ring, about 4 " in diameter; one length of soft white cotton rope; plus the booklet and the video.