Minimal Tour 2014 by Alex Pandrea (Original DVD Download, ISO file)

Minimal Tour 2014 by Alex Pandrea (Original DVD Download, ISO file)

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Minimal Tour 2014 by Alex Pandrea (DVD) Join Alex Pandrea as he travels through Europe, shares his thoughts on routining & audience connection, and is joined by some of magic's best to share their creations!

DVD Download now, ISO file (Original VOB format, the best quality)

Filmed Across Europe

Filmed over the course of Alex Pandrea's 2-month, multi-city "Minimal 2014" European lecture tour, this DVD is JAM-PACKED with material! A cornerstone element of the DVD is Alex's approach to routining - his theories on presentation, connecting with an audience, and structure. These are concepts that can be applied to ALL of your magic to make it stronger and leave a lasting impression with your audience.

Incredible Guest Artists

While on the road, Alex met up with some of the best magicians in Europe and the UK and got them to share some of their creations on camera! You'll learn from Laura London, B. Smith, Joe Barry, Fritz Alkemade, and more!

-Strengthen Your Routines
-Connect with Your Audiences
-7 Guest Artists
-Multiple Tricks & Routines
-Filmed Across Europe