Unknown Mentalist - Deckcelence

Unknown Mentalist - Deckcelence

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Unknown Mentalist - Deckcelence

If you do already ownKarma Deckor purchase it together with Deckcelence you will get this ebook for half price.

Deckciting deckxamples of deckceptional and decksplosive memory deckshibition and mind reading decksperiments with any memorized / algorithmic deck includingKarma Deck.

A unique 7 phase memory and mind reading routine where the deck is genuinely shuffled by multiple spectators. Can be done with any stack where knowing the card at any position and the position of any card is possible, like theKarma Deck.

No peeking or switching. Self working and hands off. You look like a freaking genius.

Each of the 7 phases is independent of each other. Flexible enough to be performed from 10 mins to 45 mins by choosing any number of phases in any order you may want. Once you know the stack there is nothing further to learn for you. Fresh and novel routines and presentations. Audience will remember you for a long long time.

"That's a really good routine. I can see how it would play really strong!"- Richard Osterlind

"Astounding. So clever."- Marc Salem

"I liked the idea in the patter and some of the phases are original and clever. Despite the fact that the routine can be performed with any stack (which is a good thing), I enjoyed it."- Vincent Hedan

1st edition 2015, 12 pages.
word count: 3132 which is equivalent to 12 standard pages of text