Neo Coffee by Pablo Amira PDF

Neo Coffee by Pablo Amira PDF

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Pablo Amira - Neo Coffee

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Fun, Light and Modern Psychological Reading routine

Pablo has made a very easy to learn and perform. 

For anyone who wants to learn a reliable and easy reading system then I highly recommend this. 
Art Vanderlay

Neo Coffee is a new fun, light reading routine that can create for your participant and audience a great mysterious moment of psychological introspection.

With a simple script, a visualization exercise and a common modern theme, you will be able to reveal someone present state, desires, goals, tendencies and even predict their future in a fun manner.

In the Neo Coffee eBook you will find the full routine, for single and multiple performance option and a possible extra kicker that will create for your participant an incredible and credible souvenir.

If you want to create not just mindreading but solid moments of mysterious connection anytime, anywhere, with no props, Neo Coffee is for you.