Theory11 - Dennis Kim - Photon

Theory11 - Dennis Kim - Photon

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Theory11 - Dennis Kim - Photon

Photon is a one card production that allows for a single playing card to be shot out of the deck very quickly. The card may travel a far distance and even, when angles permit, produce a card invisibly.

The mechanics behind the production allow for many applications and effects to be achieved in ways that could not be with other one card productions out there. Two of these applications are included in this download:

1. Eject - A freely selected card shoots out of the deck as you set the deck down on the table.

2. Attraction & Repulsion - A card is freely selected and lost in the deck. Generating static electricity between your hands, you repel the card box away a few inches without touching it. Then, generating static with the card box itself, it instantly attracts the selected card from the deck.