Chris Severson - The Contrariwise Shift

Chris Severson - The Contrariwise Shift

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Theory11 - Chris Severson - The Contrariwise Shift

Contrariwise: To move in the opposite way or order.

The Contrariwise Shift is a move allowing you to relocate a selected card, anywhere in the deck, to the top. This shift can also move multiple cards, at different depths in the deck, at once, to the top. No breaks, no passes, or changing the deck order. The shift is fast and silent. Oh ya... it's also one handed!

You are going to learn the basic shift, along with 4 other handlings including:

-Multiple Shift: Four selections go into four different parts of the deck, and as they are squared up, they instantly appear on top!

-Cover Shift: A selected card is squared into the middle of the deck, and is instantly underneath the top card.

-Rising Card: A selection is placed face up in the lower part of the deck, and if by magic, the card jumps up through the deck, until it reaches the top.

-One Handed: A card is placed in the deck and as soon as you blink, it appears on top of the deck, one handed, with no cover.

There are also some "Pro Tips" strewn about to help you master The Contrariwise Shift and play with different ideas; along with a brief history of how I came about this move.

WARNING: This move is NOT easy to pick up and do in 5 minutes. This is not a move that you will be performing in a day; it will take time and practice to get it smooth and understand how to utilize it to its full potential. The beauty of the shift is it's mechanically simple but difficult to execute. Once you understand it, the applications are endless and possibilities limitless!

Now, enough reading! You have a new move to learn. :)