Dan and Dave - Irving Quant - Mystery Deck

Dan and Dave - Irving Quant - Mystery Deck

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Dan and Dave - Irving Quant - Mystery Deck

Demonstrate the impuzzible with Irving Quant’s Mystery Deck. Two face-up Kings are inserted at right angles into the center of the deck. As they pass through, one mysteriously turns face down. The effect is repeated, however, this time the face of the King disappears right before your eyes. For the third demonstration, a selected card having been lost into the deck appears face down between the Kings as they pass through the deck.

Completely impromptu using only sleight of hand and the ingenious thinking of Irving Quant.

Bonus: Learn an additional phase that can easily be added into the routine along with an alternate setup that makes the trick completely impromptu.

History: The "tunnel" concept was originally developed by Nick Trost back in the 60's. Soon later Ken Krenzel popularized the effect with an impromptu version, a method similar to what Irving Quant is doing.

Over the years many versions of this trick have been published but we feel Irving's version is most practical and rids the many maneuvers necessary to complete the effect.

You can find a similar routine by Chris Kenner called, Tunneled and Buried in his first book, The Right Stuff (1985).