The New Radio-Vision Mind-Reading Code

The New Radio-Vision Mind-Reading Code

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The New Radio-Vision Mind-Reading Code

The New Radio Vision Code is the culmination of a decade of research by Ralph W. Read (Calostro) and consultation with many of the most brilliant mentalism minds of the period, including Lustig, Dunninger, Hull, Annemann, Hugard, and many others. With their help, Read built upon the foundations laid by Robert Heller and later Julius Zancig to create one of the most comprehensive article codes ever developed for a two-person telepathy act. Transmit Pocket and Purse Contents; Names – First and Last; Astrological Signs and Birthstones; Coins and Paper Money; Nationalities; Watch, Newspaper & Book Test Answers; Drawings; Vocations; and much more. 43 pages, compiled from high resolution scans.