The New Georgia Magnet Act by Tom Jorgenson

The New Georgia Magnet Act by Tom Jorgenson

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The New Georgia Magnet Act by Tom Jorgenson

fifteen minute core act that can be performed with nothing more than a few scraps of paper, a cane, a few gimmicks, and an audience. This monograph will teach the act, discuss the playing and presentation of various effects, and will include a limited amount of scripting. It also teaches a secret method of the lift/gravity control demonstration that made Lulu Hurst famous!

Her attributed abilities were many. Once she is the premise, she is the playing field:

She "forcefields" paper into impossible configurations!

She lights normal lightbulbs just by approaching them!

She sends molecule through molecule as you watch!

She can magnetize a normal glass of water and defy gravity!

She can levitate materials under impossible conditions!

She can handle fire like candy, and you can see energies emanating from her fingertips!

She can shift her balance of gravity to any point in her body, defying laws of nature and logic!

She condenses and releases energies on demand!

She cannot be moved, dislodged, or lifted unless she wills it to happen!

You will find the New Georgia Magnet Act easy to book and enjoyable to perform. Once mastered, you simply do it! All props can fit into a small case, and at its most expansive, includes only a couple of folding chairs and a board (not included). By its very nature it will cause discussion years into the future. In an age of vanishing jets and other patently impossible silly set-ups, The New Georgia Magnet Act becomes even more amazing to an audience!

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