The Fair Coin by Mike Shashkov

The Fair Coin by Mike Shashkov

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The signed spectator's coin penetrates the glass. Impromptu and examinable!

The signed coin visually slammed through the glass! Any glass, any coin, impromptu and 100% examinable.

This is probably the best and the cleanest effect I've ever created! You take the signed spectator's coin and visually slam it right through the bottom of the glass! Then you take the coin out of the glass and the spectator sees that it's the same signed coin and there is nothing more in the hands - except the empty glass and the coin! They can examine the glass and the coin and see nothing suspicious! EVERYTHING IS 100% CLEAN...

You can perform this trick: - With almost any glass - Almost any coin - Anytime - Anywhere

Every spectator will be completely shocked and confused, because it's impossible to explain!