Lalita Haritaipan - Rose from Cards

Lalita Haritaipan - Rose from Cards

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Lalita Haritaipan - Rose from Cards

Have you ever wanted to create something special for someone? Roses made from playing cards are the perfect gifts from magicians. They are beautiful, unique, and magical. Best if you use your magic routines to present this gift to someone you love.

This 15 minutes tutorial covers everything you need to know about how to make a rose from playing cards. The making of the rose is not difficult. I'm sure if you follow my instructions, you will be able to make your own rose beautifully.
The roses can be used in your magic performances in various ways. For example, rose production, a prediction that appears later to be the petal of the rose, floating rose, and unlimited possibilities that you can think of.
This tutorial doesn't include any magic trick instructions.