Tarbell 68: Magic of the Bambergs

Tarbell 68: Magic of the Bambergs

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The Frogs, the Fish, and the Bowl of Water:A modernized method to effortlessly produce live fish.

The Broken and Restored Clay Pipe:A broken and restored party horn makes for a funny, and surprising, emcee gag.

The Boomerang Coins:Every time you figure out your helper's card, you get a chip, but they somehow always return back. Until the chips and cards become solid blocks.

David Tobias Bamberg's Egg Bag:A version of the egg bag you've never seen before. Produce a full dozen eggs, and the whole chicken.

Okito's Tea, Milk, and Sugar Mystery:A complete magic routine where you transform paper shreds into coffee and cream.

Fu Manchu's Phantom Bag Escape:An instantaneous escape from an ungimmicked cloth bag, examined before and after.