Tarbell 86: Rope Magic

Tarbell 86: Rope Magic

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Tarbell 86: Rope Magic (Instant Download)

Great ways to entertain with just a piece of rope or string!

Tarbell's Chinese Rope Chain: 

A piece of rope tied into a chain of loops is cut into many short pieces and then magically restored.

The Many-Cut Rope Mystery:
Repeatedly cut a long rope into a bunch of tiny pieces, and restore it.

Tarbell's Sympathetic Ropes:
Tie a knot in one rope and a knot appears in the other. Untie the knot, and it's gone from the other. You can even cut one and the other one will also, magically, be cut.

Tarbell's Zip-Over Rope Mystery:
Learn a way to steal the knots right off the center of another piece of rope.

Crocheting with your Teeth:
Restore a cut string by weaving the ends together in your mouth.

Borrowed Ring on Loop of String:
A sneaky wager with a silly solution becomes a real mystery as a knot visibly melts back into a piece of rope.