Tarbell 45: Illusions (Instant Download)

Tarbell 45: Illusions (Instant Download)

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Tarbell 45: Illusions (Instant Download)

In the previous lesson, I showed you how to make the most out of Mini-Illusions incorporating live animals, and now... it's time to "go big,"...

as I share with you larger stage magic involving quick costume changes, a strange solo-appearance, spectral apparitions, and life-size dancing skeletons.

I begin by taking a clever idea and making it even better by adding humor, professional costumes and props, and a familiar story which motivates all the action.

The result is a highly-entertaining two-person transposition that fills the stage, yet packs easily into the trunk of your car.

Next, I deviate widely from the original and (to me) unsatisfying method, and instead share my own design for a versatile illusion base you can build...

which allows you to produce or vanish a person, or even yourself, as I demonstrate with my own twisted take on laundry day. A true, optical illusion.

And then, we're off to visit the spirit realm as I show you a few of my original ideas for a spookshow, or ghost show, including a quick and easy floating candle,

tiny animated dancing ghosts, a familar ghost-eating character, and my (pee-es)-de-resistance... life-size, articulated, three-dimensional, dancing skeletons...

each one operated by a single puppeteer. The elegant design is intuitive and interactive, allowing a wide range of motion, and easily applied to other characters.

As you can see, in this lesson I've given you finished pieces while highlighting the versatility of the core methods of these incredible illusions.