Dan Harlan - tarbell 17 Handkerchief Tricks

Dan Harlan - tarbell 17 Handkerchief Tricks

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Dan Harlan - Tarbell 17 Handkerchief Tricks

Effect of presentation:

This lesson is particularly interesting because the effects featured are some of the most challenging to update for a modern audience.

Fortunately, that's what Dan does and it's all about giving... Each piece a context that focuses on personality while incorporating the props.

In this case, handkerchiefs. Magic with silk handkerchiefs was once very popular, being featured in virtually every professional show, and for good reason...

They were often used as production items because they were large and colorful, yet easily compressed.

In this lesson, you'll make handkerchiefs appear, vanish, transpose, and change color and even transform into other objects....

First, Dan takes a goofy little piece of nonsense and changes it into a stand-up, comedy magic routine that could easily become a feature in any funny act.

The focus is on a playful interaction with your spectator leading to a surprise ending that will knock your socks off well, one of them....

Then, Dan shows you how a clever old concept with a candle can still create complete conjuring contentment. And best of all, it's easy to make.

And once you learn how to make these special candles, we take the concept a little further and create some custom-made apparatus to add a touch of class.

And finally, Dan introduces you to a real character who doesn't care how silly his tricks might be, as long as he gets paid.

Hopefully, by the end of this lesson, you'll begin to see that the magic isn't about the handkerchiefs at all it's about you and... Why you do the things you do.

Tricks included:
The - Wandering Handkerchief
The Silk - and the Flame
- The Candle, The Silk and the Paper Tube
- Elusive Silks