Super Spinner by Amazing Joejoe

Super Spinner by Amazing Joejoe

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Super Spinner by Amazing Joejoe

The Amazing JoeJoe re-invented thread work with the release of his original Web Spinner, and now he is about to do so again with his new ¡ ° Super Spinner with Penny Reel Technology¡ ±! The new Super Spinner is just as simple and elegant as the original Web Spinner making levitation easier, more practical, and even more fun than ever before!

New animation sequences that work sitting or standing with no special lighting or clothing required, not even a shirt pocket! Special focus on three dimensional origami art to create multiple methods for folding dollar bills into objects you can levitate that are the perfect size, shape, and weight for invisible thread work that are easy to hand out for examination!

New methods of handling that eliminate the need for messy wax and body loads! Instead, JoeJoe provides a crystal clear invisible silicone putty that leaves no wax residue to clean up! Plus methods on how to ditch the wax / putty right in front of people, or just use his waxless rig that doesn¡ ¯t use any wax or putty at all!