The Mystery Card By Henry Wallace (Video Download)

The Mystery Card By Henry Wallace (Video Download)

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Area52 The Mystery Card (Instant Download)

MP4 video download

The ULTIMATE opener, middler or closer!

Henry Wallace has finally shared with the world his beautiful routine, "The Mystery Card" !

This download includes 5 heart-stopping routines that Henry has preformed at his walk around gigs and trusts will go into your working arsenal immediately!

1.) The Mystery Card: The spectators signed card becomes the 'mystery card' that was lying on the table the ENTIRE time!

2.) Flirtatious Mystery: Get any spectators cellphone number, or leave them with yours! This routine utilises the Mystery Card to create an impossible souvenir with an added bonus!

3.) Prediction Impossible: A signed card prediction, 100% accurate. A different handling is introduced yet still incorporates the Mystery Card concept, this routine doesn't fail to deliver a sensationally, seeming effortless supernatural prediction with scary accuracy!

4.) The Mystery Card PLUS v1: This routine allows the magician to open up their options in its magic presentation. The Mystery Card cleverly combines its creative climax with that of the classic ACAAN plot! Perfect!

5.) The Mystery Card PLUS v2: This routine is so powerful it is advised to preform with caution. Heavily based on The Mystery Card PLUS v1, this routine provides an exceptionally powerful punch that will leave your audience puzzling over its perplexing paradox for days!

BONUS: Henry Wallace shares a quick method to achieve the classic Mystery Card routine without a gimmick!

Worried about the gimmick? Rest assured, if you don't have it already, you can easily get it or make it in minutes!

"Blew my f****** mind! Totally worth it!!" - Mrigaank.

"This is gold!" - Cas F. van Doorn.

"Can't believe how simple yet devastating this is... WELL DONE!!!" - David "Juno" Sams.

"You have given the magic community something that will stand the test of time. Utter brilliance, so flexible yet so powerful. Many tricks are not built for the real world, but this is designed to get real reactions from real people in the real world." - Gary Showberg.

"Awesome!" - Henry's mom.