Standing Up on Stage Volume 1 Opening Acts by Scott Alexander

Standing Up on Stage Volume 1 Opening Acts by Scott Alexander

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Standing Up on Stage Volume 1 Opening Acts by Scott Alexander


STANDING UP ON STAGE - DVD SERIES a complete master class on getting your act together 

Volume One - Opening Acts 

In this first of five volumes, Scott teaches you how to create an effective opener for your show. Revealed in this volume in the Director's Guide segment, are tips on making an entrance and getting and keeping an audience's attention. During the Character Development chapter, Scott begins the process of helping you to hone in on your character using a "Style Star." He teaches you why it is important to know who you are, and why the audience should care. 

On this DVD, there are four examples of opening tricks described and explained in full detail, including: 

Your watch vanishes and reappears, and the finale leaves your audience filled with laughter. 

A candle changes into a flower under dubious circumstances, and the audience loves you instantly. 

A visual transformation of a cane to a balloon, and back again to a cane. This is a highly visual, gasp-producing opening effect. 

Scaling cards into the crowd has a new and exciting premise, with a big payoff for one lucky audience member.