Pneuma aka Ultimate Haunted Deck by Pablo Amira

Pneuma aka Ultimate Haunted Deck by Pablo Amira

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Maybe this could be the ultimate haunted deck for you. A card is chosen and lost in the deck. You hold the deck in your hands and it cuts itself exactly at the spectator chosen card.

Any deck
Any time
No magnets
No elastics/threads
No jerky movements
No angles
Just a powerful moment of mindreading and psychokinesis


"It is not only the simplicity of it that makes it a great idea but also the ability it offers you to perform the effect anywhere, anytime EVEN WITH BORROWED DECK. I had it performed yesterday and I got great reactions. The most important is that you get an effect you are going to perform and not something that will stay hidden into your magic/mental treasure box. This is its power; the ability to perform at every situation an effect you had to organize and prepare in advance! I give it 9/10 especially because it reminded me how easy it can be sometimes to astonish..." -
Harrismatic, Performer and Creator

"The BEST impromptu haunted deck! Very simple, easy and powerful." -
Matthew Stewart, Performer