Kim Wist - KW One-Hand Pass

Kim Wist - KW One-Hand Pass

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Kim Wist - KW One-Hand Pass

KW One-Hand Pass

He did it! Finland’s Kim Wist did what sleight-of-hand gurus have been working on for nearly 100 years. He has finally mastered a practical one-handed pass that can be done in real world conditions.

Aficionados of the classic pass have worked for years to create justification to bring the hands together, so that they can secretly shift the cards. Now, you don’t have to. Control a card with the pack held at your side, or as you gesture one way or another. The move is imperceptible, and comes with more than fifteen years of experimentation and development by professional magician Kim Wist.

Understand that this is not just a move-monkey toy. Kim Wist has honed this pass for use during his REAL WORLD PERFORMANCES, so we finally have access to a practical solution to the elusive “holy grail” of sleights: the One-Handed Pass.

The KW Pass is similar to a Jack Miller pass that was created (but never published) approximately 70 years ago.

Running time: 22 minutes