Paul Brook - On Mephistos Shoulders

Paul Brook - On Mephistos Shoulders

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Paul Brook - On Mephistos Shoulders


Paul Brook is one of the most talked-about new names in mentalism literature.

'On Mephisto's Shoulder' is a collection of 'strong and eerie effects' including the following: 'Dearly Departed' - A volunteer makes a time prediction that matches the time of death on a death certificate in a sealed envelope that you had them keep on their person 'Telepathic Touch' - A cunning playing-card prediction effect that can involve several spectators 'Fair is Fair Switch' - A 'wonderfully fair and deceptive way of switching billets' 'Your Word, Corinda!' - An evolution of Corinda's 'My Word!' 'Serial, Killer' - This is an effect that has sparked tons of speculation and mystery on magic/mentalism message boards. You approach a person that you have never met before, you ask them to take out a bank note while you turn away. You never touch them, their belongings or the note, yet you can tell them the unique serial number on the bank note. Yes, it really plays like that, the cleanest-looking serial-number divination imagineable. The book also contains a bonus interview with James Brown, Magic Circle close-up magician of the year 2006. This is a 136-page softback book in excellent condition, signed (to me!) by the author. Retails from Paul Brook at $60 for USA buyers. USA bidders only please, Paypal only. Free shipping/handling but if you want insurance you will have to discuss this with me upon winning the auction. Thanks for reading!