Michael Kras - Kras Change

Michael Kras - Kras Change

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Michael Kras - Kras Change

Michael Kras has developed a very cool color change for a card isolated, outjogged from the pack. With just a flick of the finger, the impossible happens: the card transforms instantly into another card.

The Kras Change uses a regular pack and can be learned easily with just a bit of practice. Suggested routines include changing the color of the back of the card, selected card routines, and transpositions.

Ebook with 14 pages.

"In a world where impractical, webcam-only colour changes are becomingmore and more frequent, it's such a pleasure to see a wholly usablechange which looks THAT slick!"
- Tyler Wilson, author of Dominatricks and Reinventing The Real

"The change itself is as magical as it is artistic, and the manuscriptis exceptionally well written and painfully detailed. I cannot recommendThe Kras Change enough."
- Brian Miller, working magician

Do you love visual colour changes but are too worried to perform many ofthem for anyone but a mirror? We feel your pain. The market is full ofvisually stunning colour changes that nobody really does. And why not?Many of them sport a difficult handling, or worse, severe angle issues.The Kras Change solves these problems. Not only is the change relativelyeasy to execute, but angle issues are practically non-existent and italso rivals the visual nature of any other colour change on the market. Acard protruding from the deck is simply flicked and the change occurslightning-fast. See for yourself why tons of working magicians swear bythis change!

With this ebook, you'll not only get six full detailed pages ofinstruction teaching the change with clear colour photos, but you'llalso get clean-ups, performance tips, and even some small effectapplications to get the wheels turning and help you apply The KrasChange to your own close-up work. With this 14 page ebook, you'll belearning another great tool to add to your arsenal. Lear