Leo Boudreau - Spirited Pasteboards

Leo Boudreau - Spirited Pasteboards

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Max Maven writes in the introduction to Spirited Pasteboards:

There is an ancient Chinese curse which goes, "May you live in interesting times." Bearing this in mind, it is not without some playful malice that I inform you that you are now holding a tome which is extremely interesting.

As with the author's previous book,Psimatrika, the work in this text is primarily based upon stacking arrangements which generate information via binary codes. The principle is by no means new, but in its seventy-year history as a conjuring method it has remained little-known and woefully under-explored.

Mr. Boudreau clearly wishes to remedy that, with a vengeance.

The material in this volume is almost exclusively done with playing cards. However, don't be misled into thinking that this is simply another book of card tricks. Rather, in this book playing cards are used as a frame-of-reference for the author's adventurous speculations. Once the methodological foundations are understood, a far wider range of applications will present themselves. (For that matter, purely as card tricks there are some hot items to be found here.)

At first, much of this material may strike the reader as being infuriatingly complex and confusing. I would urge perseverance; the rewards are well worth the effort. After absorbing the ideas in this book, you may never look at a pack of cards in quite the same way again.

Many of the effects Leo describes are based on what mathematicians call a 'De Bruijn cycle' and coding specialists call a 'Gray code' or 'bracelet code'. It has unique properties which are very useful for the mentalist.

first edition, 1987, Arlington, VA; 234 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Mountain Valley Stack
  2. Calling Cards
  3. All Decked Out
  4. A Hi-Tech Princess
  5. Ultrasense
  6. Stellar Connections
  7. Back Track
  8. White Noise
  9. Bracelet Redux
  10. A Sense of Value
  11. Second Impression
  12. Sudden Impact
  13. Extempore
  14. Suiting Up
  15. Karmatrix
  16. Heady Stuff
  17. Take Three
  18. Estimation & Noise
  19. The Multicard Locator
  20. Any Card at any Number
  21. The Calibrated Deck
  22. The Cutting Edge
  23. No Facial Stack
  24. A Threesome
  25. Cutting The Suits
  26. Cutting the Values
  1. Quick Counts
  2. The Unseen
  3. A Corollary
  4. Matchmaking
  5. Twin Decks
  6. A Baker's Dozen

  7. Strange Relations
  8. The Rhine Test
  9. Psychic Gambol
  10. 52 Scatter
  11. The Black Castle
  12. Easy Poker
  13. A Force of Sorts
  14. Count Down
  15. Assorted Cards
  16. Stop Action
  17. Significant Bits
  18. Core Memory
  19. Coluria '87
  20. Anything Goes
  21. Numerology, Etc.
  22. Two Person Telepathy
  23. The Silent Partner
  24. Talking Heads
  25. Melange

word count: 81179 which is equivalent to 324 standard pages of text