Leo Boudreau - Psimatrika

Leo Boudreau - Psimatrika

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Leo Boudreau's books have been out of print for a long time. Now that they are available again electronically, a new generation of magicians can learn and study the subtle methods Leo developed to produce true miracles. Some have said that his effects are the next best thing to real mind reading. I fully agree with this statement. The way he finds out which item the spectator selected is so subtle that it appears as if he is not doing anything. Here is a quote from Leo which Al Mann included in his introduction to Psimatrika:

"I can give a deck of cards to a person and tell him to secretly cut the deck as much as possible and then to deal three cards or more and I can tell him what the cards are! from across the room!!! (You got to be kidding Leo, I thought.) And I have a way of reading the backs of anybody's unmarked deck!!!"

Even if you never do any of Leo's tricks, because they don't fit your style, you will want to know how they are done. Otherwise, one day, somebody will fool you so badly with them that you will beg on your knees to find out how they are done.

Many of the effects Leo describes are based on what mathematicians call a 'De Bruijn cycle' and coding specialists call a 'Gray code' or 'bracelet code'. It has unique properties which are very useful for the mentalist.

first edition, 1986, Arlington, VA; 122 pages

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword by Al Mann
  2. Introduction
  3. Bits Of Business
  4. By The Numbers
  5. Futures Passed
  6. An Unearthly I
  7. The Fourth Power
  8. Words & Things
  9. Flappers
  10. Dead Letter
  11. Signpost
  12. The Green Odyssey
  13. Eight Dollar Memory
  14. Transcendental Greenbacks
  15. Afterthoughts
  16. Word Play
  1. Gbatheri
  2. Improvisations
  3. Four-Letter Words
  4. Four Sight
  5. Spellbound
  6. The Count
  7. The Alpha Force
  8. Card Tell
  9. Future Perfect
  10. The Alpha-Wave Pack
  11. Strange Doings
  12. A Torrent Of Words
  13. Mindscape
  14. Designs On The Future
  15. Paired Thoughts
  16. Postscript

word count: 37104 which is equivalent to 148 standard pages of text