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A card is selected, signed, then mixed back into the deck.

Standing on one side of the windowwiththe spectator, you ask them to push the cardsup against the glassand mix them around in a jumble, holding them against the glass.

With the spectator holding the cards on the glass, you walk around to the other side.

Youpause. You know that the effort you put into showmanship here is going to pay off in a few moments. Confidence is like blood running through your veins.

You tap on the cold, hard glass to emphasize the impossible nature of what is going to take place. You lower your hands and seemingly begin toextractone card--slowly-- from the scatter that the spectator is pressing against on the other side.

To the spectators, it actually looks as if the card is sticking half way out of the glass... it takes genuine effort to pull it through. You can even take a few steps back.

There is a reason we call itSurgicalCard Through Window. Itlookslike slow surgery on a plain slab of glass.

The doctor isin.

The card is SLOWLY turned over-- it is in fact theirsigned, selected cardon the other side of the window.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Because when you turn that card over you are going to be watching one.


"The method is VERY simple, yet so deceptive. Damn, I'm so excited! This illusion is SICK."- Radium, Canada




Perform with or without a small gimmick (easy to obtain)
No force; the spectator's choice isfree
Performanywhere-- all you need isanydeck of cards
Each nuance of the trick has been planned for you
Learnmultiple variationsof KAOS on thisoneDVD


In-depth instructionby Daniel Garcia
Full-on, broadcast quality DVD
Shot atEllusionist Studiosin California
DVD containsbonus footageby Sean Beard, the
.....originator of KAOS... peoplerunwhen he pulls their
.....card through a car window.

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