Joshua Quinn - Paralies (PDF Download)

Joshua Quinn - Paralies (PDF Download)

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Joshua Quinn - Paralies


Imagine being able to...
?Divine freely thought-of words which have never been written down, whispered, pointed at, picked from a list or book or stack of cards, or otherwise physically manifested in any way; words which exist solely inside someone’s mind.

?Visibly bend a signed coin which has genuinely never left the audience’s sight since being shown, in its entirety, to be unmistakably, perfectly straight.

?Make someone unable to see a picture drawn on a card at the same time the rest of the audience sees it clearly—and then show her a video of herself looking at the picture but not seeing it.

?Subliminally influence someone’s mental choice of a playing card with a hidden-in-plain-sight prediction that’s on display all along, but that no one notices until you point it out.

?Surreptitiously learn the favorite colors of up to three audience members with absolutely no writing or speaking on their part, and then use the info in your favorite chair routine, one-ahead, Q&A, etc.

?Let your audience experience a powerful and incontrovertibly real manifestation of their own mental abilities by successfully duplicating a picture drawn by one of their own.

“This is one of the BEST books I’ve read this year, and even if it seems a cliché (it is not), if Joshua asks $200 for this book... it is still a low price for it. Just one routine (and here I’m thinking about the Billion Monkeys Book Test) can have an awesome impact if inserted (in the right place) in your show.” – Paolo Cavalli

“There is a TON of wonderful thinking and great material in this book. I completely enjoyed everything I saw (and used it!). Besides very solid, working material there is plenty of deep thought, new tools, applications and techniques (psychological and mechanical) that will be of tremendous use.” – Jerome Finley

“One of the most clever—and fun—collections of ideas I’ve read in a long time. The thinking is devious and sometimes borders on twisted. There’s something for everyone here. Except Greg Arce. There’s nothing in it for him. Absolutely nothing.” – John Riggs