Joshua Quinn - Duplicity

Joshua Quinn - Duplicity

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Joshua Quinn - Duplicity


A devious new direction in drawing duplication.

Duplicity is a very different approach to a drawing duplication. Rather than duplicating someone's drawing, you have her duplicate your drawing... and then you go back and show exactly how you allowed her to do it. Far from being a let-down, this apparent peek behind the curtain moves the effect out of the realm of the impenetrably inexplicable (and therefore "unracceptable" in many people's eyes), and into the realm of the wholly believable yet still gobsmackingly incredible.

In this 44-page limited manuscript, Joshua Quinn shows you how to script your drawing duplication so that you can prove to your participant (and audience) that the drawing was not a freechoice, but he does not provide sample scripts for you. There is a basic script for the drawing instructions, but the scripts for the revelation that it's not a free choice are left for you to customize. When delivered expertly, it is a powerful demonstration of mind control.