Gene Grant - Phantini's Challenge Mental Act (PDF Download)

Gene Grant - Phantini's Challenge Mental Act (PDF Download)

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Phantini's Challenge Mental Act by Gene Grant

Digital download pdf

A complete, close-up mentalism act that fits in your pocket! Six diabolical mentalism effects using simple, inexpensive objects you can carry in your pocket, none with playing cards. 14-page, illustrated, re-typeset publication.

Standout material includes:

Phantinism Revisited:A killer routine that combines the psychological force with masterful equivoque technique.

Miracrypto IV:A revised and updated take on another Phantini classic. The original version appears in Phantini's"Lost Book of Mental Secrets"(also available from

Swami Miracle:The mentalist predicts three numbers called out by the audience.

Currency Clairvoyant:The serial number on a borrowed bill is recorded before it is mixed with several others. Even so, the spectator uses his intuition to pick the correct bill. A surefire miracle that works 100% of the time!

Meaningful Numbers:A spectator secretly enters a number into a calculator, multiplies it, etc., before clearing it, and the mentalist is able to reveal the numbers with uncanny accuracy.

Phantini's Psychic Symbols:Duplicate designs with ease using Phantini's ingenious 25-symbol system. Copy symbols onto heavy weight blank business or index cards with a non-bleed Sharpie® fine point in minutes. Makes many miracles possible!