David Sena & Peter Turner - Isabellas Star

David Sena & Peter Turner - Isabellas Star

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David Sena & Peter Turner - Isabellas Star


The performer after talking to the audience about astrological numbers and how to work them out, asks anybody who wants to participate in an experiment to work out the astrological number of someone they know.
A paper ball is thrown to select 3 random members of the audience; one of the three is selected. This participant is invited onto the stage and is asked to sit with their eyes closed. The moment the participant closes their eyes the performer starts to receive thoughts, scribbles something on a business card and seals it inside an envelope. He hands the envelope to a member of the audience so it can't be tampered with at any point.
The participant is asked to keep her eyes closed and is now asked to think of the birth-date she chose (both the day and the month). She's instructed, when the image is clear in her mind to open her eyes.
The performer starts by correctly identifying whether the date is odd or even (much to the surprise of the participant), he is also able to correctly tell the participant the star sign of the person they are thinking of and finishes by telling them the exact date they are thinking of (without asking any questions).
After the applause has died down, the performer asks the participant to reveal the astrological number they are thinking of for the first time. The participant's attention is turned to the envelope (that has been with the audience member the entire time). The envelope is opened (by the audience member) and the number inside is found to match the astrological number that the participant was thinking of!
Notes: No Preshow, No impressions, the participant never writes anything down and the astrological number does not tell you the birth day or month.