Dan Fleshman - The Very Best Yet

Dan Fleshman - The Very Best Yet

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Dan Fleshman - The Very Best Yet

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Comments(Andrew Loh): Illustrated by: Dan Fleshman. Contains many wonderful and doable items. Highly recommended!


1 Momma in my Wallet: combo of Red Hot Momma and Card to Wallet (palming)
7 Maxi-Twist Twist: extra twist for Roger Smith's Maxi-Twist
13 In Hands Triumph (By Steve Payton): an in the hands Triumph
17 Most Amazing Triumph: another version
25 The Changing Aces: Red and Black Aces change places
28 Cop Sandwich: Kings trap the selection
32 Kiss me you Fool: a fun effect with a kissed card
36 Cards to Fly: an adult "card to pocket"
40 Four the Easy Way (Ace Production): Ace production

45 Ring and String Routine: finger ring and string routine with three moves taught

54 Matter through Matter: quarter penetrates deck
62 C/B/S/ True and Thru (By Richard Bartram, Jr.): A CSB thru the table effect
65 Coin Through Hand: with a borrowed coin

68Utility Moves
68 A Coin Vanish: utility move in which one of two coins vanishes
70 Rub-Away Vanish: in spectators hand
72 Bottom Palm: for cards

74Bonus Trick
74 Triumphant Sandwich: A Triumph and Sandwich card effect