Anthony Black - Resurrection Dream

Anthony Black - Resurrection Dream

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"Finally had a chance to take a look at Anthony's work and I must say I was very impressed.
There are some great routines here, including one that could go right into my current repertoire with no tweaking at all!
Great work and well worth investigating if you haven't done so yet."

- Paul Voodini, Mystery Entertainer

“It’s been a little while since my last visit to the Café for various reasons and time constraints. Similarly my "Magic" has taken a backseat and I’ve been in a little lull.
There's plenty of new stuff coming out weekly and a lot of it is over hyped, over priced, supported by a network of friends with who lack sufficient knowledge to judge items impartially and ultimately the item contains a lot of fluff and stuffing.
I tend to look at stuff and dismiss a lot and as my journey through magic continues and I grow older and wiser, Ive become more selective about buying, and certainly recommending, items.
That said I’ve recently purchased Resurrection Dreams by Anthony Black via Lulu publishing, and not only has it given me delight in reading and kick started my creative juices again but it has also given me a kick in the pants that was sorely needed to get me back on my magical journey.
Soft bound with glossy cover, most excellently produced by the guys and gals at Lulu, it’s a delight to the eye. It contains three effects aimed at the intermediate performer but equally recommended for the newer performers of Bizarre as it will spark the imagination. Easy to follow instructions, fully scripted and adaptable enough for you to put your own performance twist on.
Superb value for money and no pipe dreams.
It’s not often I recommend items as I’m over fussy and not easily pleased however I’m eagerly looking forward to Anthony’s next release.
Check it out; you’ll like it a lot.”

- Mark Thorold, Creator & Performer

Resurrection Dreams is my new printed book for 2012 containing a selection of workable performances and ideas for the Magician, Mentalist and Bizarre Performer.

Sixth Scents: A dark story involving Murder, Mystery and Mediums. The spectator is invited up on stage and takes on the powers of a Medium; with startling results. But is everything as it seems? There may be a twist to this tale...

Vibes: A tale of Nikola Tesla and his downward spiral into madness; brought on by his creation of the ‘Phasmatis Luminarium’. You and the spectator use this peculiar machine to recreate the terrible experiments at Wardenclyffe Tower. Will the results tip you and your spectator over the edge?

The Death Mask: The history of Death Masks has always been surrounded by a certain mystery, you and your spectator find out a truth that may just make you question everything you believe in. Together you will demonstrate the real power of ‘Automatic Writing’. Dare you wear the Death Mask?

The Secret Project: This is an idea I am very excited about, and one which will be of benefit to our community as performers. By buying this book you are agreeing not to re-sell/Share it

This is available to purchase through Lulu here as a paperback for £25:

Resurrection Dreams