Blank Triumph by Michael O'Brien (Video Download)

Blank Triumph by Michael O'Brien (Video Download)

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Blank Triumph by Michael O'Brien (Instant Download)

A new twist on the classic Triumph Plot by Dai Vernon including an awesome deck switch called the "Switcheroo." This is one to add right into your repertoire!

Magician Michael O'Brien uses a blank deck of cards to symbolize our destiny. During this demonstration he asks a spectator to imagine an image on one of the blank cards. The card is lost into the rest of the pack which is then shuffled half face-up into face-down. With just a snap of the fingers the deck completely straightens itself out, all except one card. The magician then asks the spectator to name the card they are imagining. Without any funny moves, the face-down card is revealed to be the imagined card. THEN the entire deck is revealed to be printed as well!

**Featuring the "Switcheroo Deck Hold-out"**

This is an awesome example of taking a classic and adding a bit of personal touch to it. Michael will not only teach his handling of this classic, but will also give you some bonus ideas that you can add to your own routines including his favorite tableless deck switch, the "Switcheroo." Check it out!