0.01 Sec by Lyman Luo (Original DVD Download)

0.01 Sec by Lyman Luo (Original DVD Download)

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0.01 Sec by Lyman Luo

DVD Download now, ISO file (Original VOB format, the best quality)

Lyman Luo a talented underground magician in Guangzhou, China. He created one of the most visual sleights.

– The Lyman change, with such sleight you can do visual Oil and Water, Twisting the Aces, 4-cards Anti-ambitious Card, and more, endless possibilities.

3 original and extremely visual sleights, created 4 practical and powerful routines. Modern and visual effects from the genius mind of Lyman Luo.

Elegant, Visual and Revolutionary.

  1. Lyman Change
  2. Cheating Change
  3. Pop Out
  4. Lyman’s Oil & Water
  5. Lyman’s Triumph
  6. Mistake
  7. Hofzinser’s Nightmare