Untitled by Scott Xavier

Untitled by Scott Xavier

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Untitled by Scott Xavier


This tome of magic and mentalism secrets was the first book in a series written by Doctor Zodiac a.k.a. Scott Xavier. It includes everything essential for a mid level entertainer to increase sales and create a legend for himself. Here's a sample of what you'll find inside:

  • How to structure your magic/mentalism business using a business plan to increase maximum effectiveness as a showman.
  • How to start a theater show.
  • A legitimate system for Cold Reading for those slow times.
  • Lots of theory.
  • And a ton of effects.

A Sample of the effects include: 

A miracle w/cards. A borrowed deck is shuffled by the spectator, cut to any spot, and this cut to card is shown to match a prediction made earlier by the mentalist that's been in plain site! NO NAIL WRITING! That clean! 

A visual multi-person card force that's so clean you won't believe it! 

Wadd Spitter
Want a zero risk bullet catch without the gun? WADD SPITTER is the solution! A signed pellet is loaded into a real non-gaffed pellet gun. A laser scope is activated, the pellet gun is aimed at the performers head, and pop the pellet is shown to be caught within the performers teeth!