True Triumph by Paul Cummins (video download)

True Triumph by Paul Cummins (video download)

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True Triumph by Paul Cummins

(Instant Download)Paul's opener from his professional act. Including his HIGHLY deceptive tabled slop shuffle. 

Paul Cummins has been opening his closeup act with this trick for over 20 years. It's quick, it proves you're a professional and is *extremely* deceptive -- even to magicians.

If all you see is a triumph minus a card selection, you're missing the worker gold in this routine.

Paul turns what would be a poker-card-sized trick into a huge Jumbotron-illusion. From his double-spread, to the way he displays the cards, True Triumph tricks the brain in ways people simply cannot follow. The secret sauce is Paul's signature "slop shuffle." It's ten times more deceptive than the classic slop shuffle, and looks legit to the last second.